About Us

Located in Nottinghamshire, United Kingdom, ABS Repair specialises in the testing and repair of antilock brake systems (ABS) across various vehicle manufacturers. Using custom built state of the art equipment, we are able to test your ABS pump under real word conditions as if it was fitted to your vehicle. Simply carry out the following steps to send your unit to us:

  1. Carry out a vehicle diagnosis. This includes carrying out a vehicle diagnostics scan (checking for fault codes) and checking for external vehicle faults such as wheel speed sensors or wiring faults. This information is required to help us ensure our testing is as accurate as possible.
  2. Complete our online booking form. This form includes vehicle details and information regarding the vehicle fault. The address to send your ABS pump to is sent via email once the booking form has been completed.
  3. Send your ABS pump to us. Once we have received your ABS pump, we will inform you and carry out testing. Test results will be sent to you within 3 to 5 working days. If we receive the go ahead for a repair, this will be done within 1-2 working days.
  4. We send your ABS pump back to you using next day delivery (where possible). All repaired ABS pumps come with a 3 month guarantee.


All payments are to be made through PayPal. All ABS pumps sent to us incur an inspection fee of £20. Free return postage on all units within the UK. Postage charges will apply for units from overseas. Testing/inspection fees are waived if the ABS pump has been repaired.

Outcome:Price (GBP):
RepairSubject to ABS type. See relevant product page for price.
Unable to fault£35
Unable to fully test / repair£20 (inspection fee only)